Tristen Putnam

About me

I am an enthusiastic technology specialist based in Nashville, with a rich experience of over 6 years in the tech industry.

Technology Consultant/Expert

Tristen Putnam is a dynamic tech sales professional who graduated from Lee University in 2020 with a degree in Business Administration. Beginning his career as an ISR (Inside Sales Representative) at Dell, Tristen quickly distinguished himself as a top performer, earning recognition for his exceptional sales achievements. His talent and dedication led to a promotion to the role of Senior Account Manager, where he specialized in selling complex technology solutions such as servers and PCs. Tristen consistently handled deals ranging from $10,000 to $300,000, demonstrating his proficiency in navigating intricate sales processes and delivering value to his clients. With a track record of success and expertise in the tech industry, Tristen is poised for continued advancement and excellence in his field.

What I do?

Whether you need a single system, or a full blown solution from your network all the way down to the peripherals. I am here to help you get the best deal possible. 

Tech Consulting

Tech expert specializing in PCs, servers, and networking possesses comprehensive knowledge and skills in designing, configuring, and maintaining computer systems and networks to optimize performance and ensure seamless connectivity.

Pipeline Management

Pipeline management - excels in optimizing operational workflows, implementing efficient data pipelines, and leveraging technology to enhance productivity and resource allocation throughout various stages of project development and execution.

Website Consulting

A proficient website consultant providing tailored guidance to businesses and individuals for maximizing their online presence and market competitiveness. Don't just settle for a hardware solution, upgrade your full business arsenal with cutting edge sites.

Major Projects

Guidoni is a manufacturing company that was originally established in Brazil. They acquired 95 million dollars in funding to expand and build a facility in Georgia, USA. I facilitated this deal and beat out competitors to equip them from top to bottom in Dell hardware. Overall the deal was valued at around 700,000 US dollars and consisted of 4 Poweredge Servers, 2 Storage arrays, and over 300 Laptops/PC's(Dual Monitor/dock solutions). Along with this we partnered with sonic wall to deploy firewalls and networking solutions.

Eskola was a small company that typically purchased 2-3 laptops a month during the first year of business. As they began to grow and acquire more business, the owner and I developed a long term purchase plan to ensure they are getting the best equipment at the best price. The small 2-3 laptop purchases transformed into 20-30 system orders to fulfil the need for new regional offices. Along with this, we also partnered with a Logitech AE to equip them with 6 new conference rooms with new Logitech Rally hardware.(125,000 USD in additional revenue)

Aurora computers is a fast growing MSP that serves several businesses in its area. As their Dell account manager, I helped them sell over 500,000 USD worth of SMB/MB solutions. These projects varied from businesses transitioning to a hybrid workforce. All the way up to full scale office openings which included complex enterprise deals to ensure the servers were equipped properly for future growth, as well as containing all the necessary licensing needed to be ready on day one.  


Hardware Knowledge
Pipeline Management
Customer Service





Partner/Vendor Relationships 

sonic wall

My Experience


Dell Technologies

Senior Account Manager

As a Strategic Account Manager (SAM), I adeptly managed and nurtured a pre-existing sales pipeline, resulting in consistent revenue growth and high levels of customer satisfaction. Leveraging my deep product knowledge and employing strategic account management techniques, I achieved outstanding results. From March 2022 to March 2023, I drove revenue to $4,833,127.00, and from April to the present, revenue stands at $3,382,386.00. My approach facilitated significant revenue growth and cultivated long-term client relationships. By strategically aligning technology solutions with client needs, I ensured mutual success in a dynamic and competitive market environment.


Dell Technologies

Inside Sales Representative

As an Inside Sales Representative (ISR) at Dell, I spearheaded impactful cold-calling campaigns to identify and engage potential clients, resulting in uncovering larger deals and creating new sales opportunities for Senior Account Managers. With unwavering persistence and resilience, I consistently exceeded sales targets, driving revenue growth to a total of $1,672,850.00 from February 2021 to February 2022. My strategic client engagement, solution-oriented selling approach, and effective collaboration with cross-functional teams significantly contributed to Dell's market leadership and customer satisfaction.


Senjin Solutions 


As a co-founder of our website and tech consulting venture, I bring a blend of technical prowess in website development, server management, and networking alongside a passion for strategic business development and client relations. My vision is to drive our company forward by delivering innovative solutions and unparalleled service, ensuring our clients' success and fostering lasting partnerships.